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Guest Tutors

To book onto a workshop please contact the studio via our email or

call Liske  07980772064 or Claire  07713875119

Alternatively use the Contact us form on the last page.

We will notify you of any equipment requirements for the workshops.

Waiting list- if you are interested in any workshops that are currently full you can drop us a line to be put on the waiting list. Quite often places become available so it's worth being on the list!

Newsletter- if you would like to be kept up to date with new workshops, guest tutors and studio news join our newsletter- simply use the contact us form on the last page or drop an email

jenny o'leary john piper.jpg

Jenny O'leary
Batik on fabric; inspired by John Piper

Tuesday 4th June 2024, 10:00-16:00 *full, e'mail to go on waiting list

The artist John Piper created atmospheric images of the English landscape and its architecture. Using his work as inspiration students will use the technique of batik – hot wax resist.

We will work on fabric with bleach and inks and other forms of resist to create exciting textures and effects. An exciting course allowing for exploration and discovery. The work will be suitable for further development with stitch. No experience is necessary as the technique will be taught from scratch. A number of samples will be created during the workshop

£80 including most materials and refreshments. 

jennifer collier.jpg

Jennifer Collier:
Paper Patchwork, Pockets & Pleats

Monday 1st July 2024, 10:00-16:00 

 A sampler’s workshop with a difference, as all the traditional embroidery techniques will be created just from paper. Showing a range of patchworking techniques, including Cathedral Windows, Paper Pockets and Pleating, as well as covered Bindings, Button Loops and even making your own handmade Covered Buttons, all created  from beautiful vintage papers. All materials and equipment are provide,, but you may wish to bring your own special papers, books, maps or ephemera to personalise your work. 

£80 including most materials and refreshments. 

Tansy summer school.jpg

Tansy Hargan:
Summer School

8th, 9th, 10th July 2024, 10:00-16:00 *full, drop us an e'mail if you'd like to know if a place becomes available

Tansy @palimpsestparade will be returning with a 3-day summer school. The theme will be 'Flora Obscura' - taking inspiration from the flowers in the garden and surrounding areas you will focus on observational drawing, form, shape and colour in a handmade book, using Tansy's signature viewfinders and handmade vibrant watercolours.

These observations will be developed into a small series of textile pieces combining collage, print and stitch.

£300 including all materials. The middle day will be an extended day at the studio with an optional meal out afterwards.

amanda clayton piece & patch.jpg

Amanda Clayton
Piecing & Patching

Tuesday 30th July 2024, 10:00-16:00 

In this 1-day workshop Amanda will guide you through lots of strategies for piecing cloth using less obvious ways and also building up larger pieces from small. This is purely a technical hand stitch workshop which does cover my signature techniques of trailing, cutwork, needle darning, applique, & inlay. This is great for students using up their neutral scrap bag.

£80 including most materials and refreshments. 

rachael singeton.jpg

Rachael Singleton:

Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th August 2024, 10:00-16:00 *full, drop us an e'mail if you'd like to know if a place becomes available 

Working with a well-known painting from history, we will be ‘mining’ images for various visual elements, collecting a bank of patterns, marks, colours, motifs at different scales on small pieces of fabric and/or papers.

You will collect a set of papers and/or fabrics which we will fragment,  re-assemble and re-construct into abstracted designs. These can be hand or machine-stitched into.


This workshop is designed to be open-ended in terms of chosen format and to harness individuality. Examples include creating a set of small cards that could go in a box/tin or a set of tags on a ring binder, a vessel, a 2D textile piece or a collection of small ones, a scroll, hanging or concertina-form artist book.

Participants need to source a well-known painting that has enough interest to consider various marks, patterns, colours and shapes etc.

£180 including some materials and refreshments. 

angie hughes 2024.jpg

Angie Hughes:
Monastery Floor

Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th October 2024, 10:00-16:00 

This new 2-day workshop is inspired by monastery floor tiles and nature taking over.

It is a mixed media course using stencilling, stitch, machine embroidery on soluble fabric and organza. You will create a piece of textie art that could be framed. 

The course was inspired by Angie's piece that was at the stitch0by-stitch exhibition in Oswestry.

£180 including some materials and refreshments. Own sewing machine required.

caroline nixon level 2.jpg

Caroline Nixon:
The magic of Eco-printing, with natural dyes

31st October, 1st November & 2nd November 2024, 10:00-16:00 

Caroline wil be returning to run a 3-day course exploring the magic of ecoprint with natural dyes.

You will learn about mordanting, making dyebaths, dyeing your cloth and how the dyes and leaves interact.

Using a variety of dyes and tannin, you will create a range of samples and move on to print scarves, cushion covers, simple garments, and fabric.

To attend this course you need to have already mastered the basic skills of bundling and steaming, and to be getting clear prints.

Ideal for anyone who completed Caroline's course with us in 2021, or Caroline's online foundation class, or a course with Earthwise Eco Prints - and plenty to challenge more experienced ecoprinters too.

£340 including materials and refreshments.

jenny o'leary birds.jpg

Jenny O'leary
; Birds & Berries

Thursday 5th December 2024, 10:00-16:00

Inspired by the exciting art of batik – hot wax resist – on paper and tissue paper with inks we will use traditional and non traditional tools to create beautiful images inspired by birds & berries.  

We will explore different approaches to the technique appropriate to the theme including collage  backgrounds and other forms of resist such as stencils and oil pastels.

Robins, blackbirds, sparrows, holly berries, rosehips..... just bring images for inspiration

£80 including most materials and refreshments. 

suzette smart.jpg

Suzette Smart:
Image transfer & stitch

Monday 27th January 2025, 10:00-16:00

Suzette will show you how to transfer vintage imagery onto fabric, and provide ideas for layering and creating small collages with this technique. These will be developed further with fabric, lace and stitching. You may prefer to use hand or free machine stitching or a combination of both.

A perfect technique to use in experimental textile books and to add a different surface, imagery and text into a piece of work. There will be plenty of samples and work shown for inspiration.

£80 including most materials and refreshments. 

liz cooksey 2025.jpg

Liz Cooksey:
Natural Collections

5th & 6th February 2025, 10:00-16:00

Taking observations from nature we will explore and experiment with an eclectic mix of media, materials and techniques.

These explorations will be small scale responses to textures, shapes and colours seen within nature using wrapping and binding techniques with fine hand dyed threads and fabric, hand stitching for embellishment along with fragments of paper & print.  These will be combined & incorporated with wire to give structure, form and shape.

The studies will be brought together to create a formal display suggestive of a nature table or botanical textbook layout.

£200 including most materials and refreshments. 

debbie lyddon.jpg

Debbie Lyddon:
Weathered Cloth

12th & 13th April 2025, 10:00-16:00

This workshop explores how to weather and distress cloth.


In the workshop you will learn:

• Painting techniques to make cloth look weathered, including underpainting, stitched resists and washes.

• Techniques for making holes, including cutting, sanding, sewing eyelets.

• Textured surface decoration, including machine stitching and washing paper.

• Waxing techniques

• Rusting techniques

You will produce: a series of samples using various weathering techniques & simple bags and containers from your weathered samples

£200 including most materials and refreshments. 

Maria Thomas.jpg

Maria Thomas:
Boro. Indigo. Applique.

3rd & 4th April 2025, 10:00-16:00

An exciting two-day stitch and dye workshop, exploring indigo-dye with pattern making, resist and overdyeing techniques. Stitching using mixed media collage with found objects, appliqué and shadow quilting.

Day one - using indigo cake a natural dye once known as blue gold, learn how to set up a home indigo vat and prepare fabrics for dying. Explore folded-resist pattern making with Itajime a traditional cloth-clamping technique. Over dye and refresh old fabrics and new, with varied shades of blue.

Day two - working with new and pre-loved materials, combine traditional quilting with Maria’s creative approach to reusing found things. Explore layering and appliqué, shadow and cutwork using both machine and hand techniques. Tap into the ancient art of Japanese Boro - repairing old things to make something new.

Outcomes could be an experimental quilted rolll/hanging or a collar or small jacket hanging.

£180 including most materials and refreshments. 

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