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deborah collum.jpg

Deborah Collum :

Thursday 23rd June  2022 10:00-16:00

In this fun and experimental one-daye workshop each participant will create a unique, frame-able picture based on observations of the of the patchwork of local landscapes. Textile artist Deborah Collum will guide you through a range of methods and techniques, the workshop is suitable for all abilities. Fabrics will be painted, printed, layered and entirely hand stitched. 

£75 including most materials and refreshments. 

Earthwise ecoprints Ecoprints ecploeing the magic and alchmey.jpg

Earthwise Ecoprints :
Introduction to eco-printing on fabric *1 place

Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th  June 2022

You will be amazed by the fabulous prints that can be created on a variety of fabrics, paper and leather using the dyes and tannins that are naturally present in leaves. 

Fiona will guide you through the eco-printprocess in detail and consider the importance of good techniques to achieve clear, well defined prints.

Explore which mordnats are best suited to which fabrics and how to use them successfully. 

On the second da you will have the opportunity to create a and bound book with one of your prints. 

£175 including most materials and refreshments

Amanda Hislop Lnad and Sea print collage stitch.jpg

Amanda Hislop : Landscape Unfolds          *1 place

Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th July 2022

Take a long view of landscape, a closer look at line, colour combinations and textures; collect observations in the form of sketch studies, photographs and found objects. Let your personal landscape unfold through intuitive painterly mark making and monotype print to create surfaces to fragment and place in simple arrangements to work with hand stitch.

During the course explore a restrained colour palette with line and texture working with painterly mark making and monotype drawing to develop personal language. Create a selection of surfaces to fragment, overlay and develop; abstract simplify fragment, rearrange. Work intuitively through a random system of placement allowing your landscape to unfold into personal arrangements to work into with simple hand stitch.


£175 including most materials and refrershments

christine chester.jpg

Christine Chester :
Paper Lamination & Stitch *full

6th, 7th & 8th July 2022

Combine paper and cloth in a creative and interesting way, to make fractured images.

Paper can add unique qualities to embroidered textiles, but also has its own particular handling issues. This course will introduce you to the excitement and versatility of using your own printed and mark making imagery. You will learn four different ways of laminating papers and transferring imagery to fabric to produce interesting smooth and textured surfaces to stitch onto, You can use your own photographic images, or test from found books, and gather colour from newspapers. You will then experiement with a further lamination process using coloured tissue paper and gesso to generate a pairing of fabrics which coordinate. 

The final stage of the course will introduce you to some choices in the ways of working with these mixed media fabrics both by hand and machine. 

£250 including materials and refreshments - own sewing machine required

willow wigwam.jpg

Rachel Harwood Willow : Willow Garden Wigwam

Friday 19th August, 10:00-13:00

Something a little different for 2022!

Join Warwickshire Willow artist, Rachel to create a fabulous willow Wigwam for your garden, it will be 5-6ft tall, and great for growing all sorts of plants up or simply decorating with fairy lights, suitable for beginners, you will learn different techniques to help to sculpt your very own wigwam 


Only suitable for adults. 


£45 including all materials and refrershments

cas holmes 2022.jpg

Cas Holmes: 
Embracing the everyday Stitch-Sketch *full

Thursday 1st September 10:00-16:00

Please note that Cas will be teaching this via Zoom - you can take part from home or join Liske at the studio - it will be a new 'blended' style of workshop

Take inspiration from everyday objects, collections and memorabilia. 

Working with paper and limited fabric scraps Cas invites you to join her to employ the use of found materials to create 'stitch-sketches'. 

Use collage to create a narrative, then add line with pen and stitch to reflect your objects/collections. 

The workshop includes an introduction to free motion stitch as part of the stitch-sketch process. Methods are adapted from Cas's personal practice.



tansy H.jpg

Tansy Hargan:
Sketchbook to Wall       
*1 place

10th & 11th September 2022

Tansy @palimpsestparade is a mixed media artist, she produces really exciting work and we're very excited to be welcoming her to the studio!

The first day wll include;

-observational sketching using a viewfinder and thumbnail grid

-looking for themes, patterns and concepts

-collecting marks, textures and text

-unpicking old clothing and developing a painted palette of repurposed garmnt parts

Then on day two;

-using monoprint, drawing and typing to further mark the painted textiles

-testing compositions for textile collages loosely based on the thumbnail sketches

-initial construction and stitching of textile pieces, further layering and stitch

£180 including some materials and refreshments - own sewing machine required

sarah hibbert.jpg

Sarah Hibbert :
From Collage to Quilt

Thursday 6th October 2022


You may hve seen Sarah at the FOQ last year, her 'macaroons' quilt was their cover star!

Sarah will be joining us for a day to let us in on her process of transforming collages into quilts.                                                                       

When creating a paper collage, Sarah does not necessarily see the resulting quilt in her mind. That comes when standing back from the design. The excitement then starts to happen when thinking about what fabric to use, and picking out colours.

You can use this design process as a full quilt idea or a series of smaller pieces to interlock for an overall design. Use the paper cut outs as your colour palette and just have fun!

We will spend the morning focussing on collage, before moving onto design, and then piecing a quilt top based on one of your collages.

£90 including some materials and refreshments. Suitable for all levels. Sewing machine required.

angie hughes trees.jpg

Angie Hughes: 
Trees & Leaves *1 place

Saturday 8th October 2022

We are pleased to be welcoming back textile artist Angie Hughes

Learn about how to machine embroider tree shapes, use them as texture for printing by creating a forma-foam block, spend some time stencilling and finish off by layering all of the printing and stitching that you have done into a lovely piece of framable textile art. 

Inspired by trees and leaf shapes, and filled with ideas for other projects too!

Some experience with free machine embroidery would be useful

Own sewing machine required

£75 including most materials and refreshments

Jayne Emerson Experimental embelishing.jpg

Jayne Emerson : Experimental Embellisher Workshop

Monday 10th October 2022 10.30 - 14.30

Come and experience the wonders of an embellisher machine, There is no bobbin, thread or tension to worry about as the five barbed needles simply mesh your fabrics togteher. You can make beautiful structured textiles using water soluble fabrics and wool, create new weaves, and form the most exciting textures from chiffons and silk, 

Jayne will bring along her treasure trove of vintage and upcycled fabrics for use on the workshop.

£60 including most materials and use of an embelisher machine

caroline nixon level 2.jpg

Caroline Nixon : Magic of Ecoprint with natural dyes *full

27th, 28th, 29th October 2022

Caroline wil be returning to run a 3-day course exploring the magic of ecoprint with natural dyes.

You will learn about mordanting, making dyebaths, dyeing your cloth and how the dyes and leaves interact.

Using a range of dyes and tannin, you will create a range of samples and move on to print scarves, cushion covers, simple garments, and fabric. 

To attend this course you need to have already mastered the basic skills of bundling and steaming, and to be getting clear prints. 

Ideal for anyone who completed Caroline's course with us in 2021, or Caroline's online foundation class - and plenty to challenge more experienced ecoprinters too.

£250 including some materials and refreshments 

jenny o'leary books.jpg

Jenny O'leary : Little Batik Books

Thursday 3rd November 2022

Jenny will be returning to the studio this winter with her wonderful and inspirng style of batik.

Using the art or batik - hot wax resist - on paper and tissue paper with inks and bleach, we will create exciting batiked surfaces which will be used to create folded books, considering how the shapes and imagery change with the folds. It will be possible to work to a theme such as trees, seedheads, or simply explore the range of marks that can be made. 


£80 including most materials and refrershments

willow deer.jpg

Rachel Harwood Willow :Willow Deer Workshop

Friday 4th November 2022 - full

*New Date* Friday 18th November

Something a little different for 2022!

Join Warwickshire Willow artist, Rachel to create a fabulous willow deer for your garden, suitable for beginners, you will learn different techniques to help to sculpt your very own 4ft willow deer sculpture. 


Only suitable for adults. 


£95 including all materials and refrershments

rosie james cloth books.jpg

Rosie James:
Stitch-draw cloth books *full

9th & 10th November 2022 OR 7th & 8th November

We're thrilled that Rosie will be returning to the studio with her signature style.

In this 2 day workshop we will be focussing on making a cloth book using a variety of materials including sheer transparent fabrics and paper.

As well as using stitch draw freemotion embroidery to draw elements,

you will learn a lot of techniques in the production of the book.

You will learn how to plan the book, the page sizes and the different

fabrics to use.

You will then begin to make the pages using imagery from books and magazines provided by the tutor or you may wish to bring your own photos.

£170 including most materials and refreshments

jude ice dyeing.jpg

Jude Kingshott :
Ice Dyeing Masterclass

11th & 12th January 2023

If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing Jude's work at the Festival of Quilts you will know that her ice dyeing is exquisite, Jude has spent many years understanding how colours interract with each other so we are very excited for Jude to be sharing some of her techniques with us.

Using Procion dyes, soda ash, ice cubes and clever folding methods you will create exciting, complex and unique patterns on natural fabrics and papers.

£180 including materials and refreshments